Studio 10 promises a MASSIVE announcement!


Studio 10 will be making a major announcement tomorrow that is set to change morning television.

According to on-air promos the reveal is so BIG that not even the hosts know what exactly is planned.

Executive producer Rob McKnight posted this on Twitter on Saturday.

And Sarah Harris hinted she isn’t leaving with this reply earlier this afternoon.

So just what is in store for the show in 2016? Find below my Top 5 best guesses of what I think Studio 10 will be announcing tomorrow (in order of likelihood): 

1. Sarah Harris is leaving

She’s been the bus-driver from the show’s inception in 2013, but there is growing speculation that Sarah won’t be returning to Studio 10 following her maternity leave at the end of the year. Tarsh Belling is a natural fill-in and has been hosting the show 3-days a week recently, while Sarah has been away filming the second season of Shark Tank. I’d put my money on Sarah being poached to another role at the network, most likely a new breakfast show or morning bulletin to pre-empt Studio 10. No doubt it could also be Ita, Joe or Jess that may also be leaving, but of the four regulars I’d put my money on Sarah.

2. The show is extending it’s timeslot

The show currently airs at 8:30-11am each weekday morning. Maybe McKnight and the team might be looking to extend the show into the breakfast timeslot to expose the show to more eyeballs? Potentially the show could air in two slots – Studio 10: Early (7-8:30am), followed by the regular show from 8:30am. The earlier version could focus more on breaking news before naturally transitioning hot topics. All four panellists could be attached to both portions, with the 5th panellist joining them as usual at 8:30am.

3. A weekend edition is launched

Perhaps Studio 10 might soon be seen on our screens LIVE 7 days a week. Could the team be setting up a 2nd team to handle a weekend show alongside the regular weekday show, replacing the highlights that currently air. While this would be a welcome addition, would the costs associated with the move be worth it? 

4. An interstate/overseas trip is being planned

Could the show be leaving Pyrmont for a extended week away? The show has already been to Melbourne twice this year, and are rumoured to be doing so again later this year. But surely the BIG announcement has to be bigger than that? Today and Sunrise have both done international trips this year, so maybe the Studio 10 team might have also come down with a severe case of the travel bug. I reckon a week of OB’s would be awesome.

5. They are getting rid of the infomercials

Well, one can dream can’t they? There is literally more chance of the show being axed right here and now then them removing the infomercials. As tedious and repetitive as they are, Studio 10’s thirty infomercial slots per week (6 each day) bring in over $600,000 to the program every month. Without the infomercials…no show! It’s as simple as that. Thank goodness we have the legendary Jono Coleman at the helm, otherwise they would be completely insufferable. What do you think the big announcement will be? Leave a comment below and we’ll see who is right tomorrow morning…

Studio 10 airs weekdays at 8:30am on Channel Ten.