Daily Picks: Thursday 7th February


My Kitchen Rules – 7:30pm, Ch7 Last night we said goodbye to controversial NSW contestants Jessie and Biswa. They definitely weren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they have definitely brought in the numbers for Seven this year. Tonight we meet the second batch of contestants for this series. We’ve got Sam & Chris (VIC), Ali…

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Daily Picks: Wednesday 6th February


MOVIE: Morning Glory – 8:30pm, Ch10 Rachel McAdams is dynamite in this comedy premiere. Becky Fuller (McAdams) has just scored the executive producer role of a struggling breakfast television show and must try to work things out quickly or the show will face the axe. Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford are also in fine form…

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Daily Picks: Tuesday 5th February 2013


Packed to the Rafters – 8:45pm, Ch7 It will probably air closer to 9pm knowing Channel 7, but it should be worth it. The Rafter’s celebrate their 100th episode, which is quite an achievement for an Aussie drama. This show is still a powerhouse for Seven,  with over 1.4 million people tuning into last week’s…

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Daily Picks: Monday 4th February 2013


The Block: All Stars (series premiere) â?? 7pm, Ch9 If you haven’t seen a promo for this show yet, you’ve either been living under a rock or really hate cricket. Scott Cam returns for this new All Star series which pits 4 former teams – Phil & Amity, Mark & Duncan, Josh & Jenna, and…

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First Look: Elementary


Elementary has just finished airing on Channel Ten and I must say I am quite impressed with what I’ve seen so far. This is an American re-imagining of the classic British detective, seen most recently on television with BBC’s Sherlock (starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman). In the role of Holmes is Jonny Lee Miller…

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Welcome to The Idiot Box!

The Idiot Box

Hello there. This is my first official post for The Idiot Box, a new website designed to analyse and review the very latest in Australian television. I will be officially launching next Sunday 10th February – which coincides with the start of official ratings for 2013. This year promises to be a exciting one for…

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