Daily Picks: Tuesday 2nd April


Who Do You Think You Are? – Adam Hills Comedian and television presenter Adam Hills traces the desperate journeys undertaken by his migrant ancestors. Adam is keen to find out what brought his two great grandfathers to Australia in the early 20th century. His great grandfather, Oscar Kluckhenn, who arrived in Australia in 1907 at…

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Daily Picks: Tuesday 26th March


The Biggest Loser – 7:30pm, Ch10 The show has bounced back in the ratings over the past two nights, and will likely rate well tonight given the lack of competition from the other networks. Tonight, back at the Biggest Loser House, the heavy-weights are having a hard time with the training regime and the trainers…

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Daily Picks: Tuesday 12th March

Good Game – 8:30pm, ABC2 This show is a little out there, but it is still pretty awesome. Even their promo message is a bit weird: Tonight on Good Game, Bajo and Hex review Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and Path of Exile. There’s also a bit of a DayZ discussion because…well…why not?! Goose reviews…

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Daily Picks: Tuesday 5th March


At the Movies – 9:30pm, ABC1 Margaret and David are settling in nicely to their new Tuesday slot. I was initially concerned that moving to an earlier day each week would affect the films that would be able to review, however this has yet to be proven. Tonight the pair review Oz: The Great and…

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Daily Picks: Saturday 16th February


David Attenborough’s Africa (series premiere) – 6:30pm, Ch10 Sir David Attenborough reveals Africa as you’ve never seen it before. This is a journey through five extraordinarily diverse regions of an amazing continent. No matter how much of Attenborough’s work you’ve seen before, you’ll always want to watch more of it. Highly recommended. rage – 11pm,…

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