The Living Room Bonus Episode

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Channel Ten is obviously showing a lot of faith in The Living Room with the network set to screen two episodes of the lifestyle program next week. The show will screen in its usual Friday slot on the 2nd of May, with a bonus episode with declutter guru Peter Walsh planned for Wednesday 30th April at 7:30pm. Wednesday 30th April…

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Better Homes at 7pm?


In a bizarre move by Seven, Better Home & Gardens is moving to a new 7pm timeslot â?? in what will be a permanent move for the lifestyle show. From March 22th the show will be broadcast from 7pm â?? 8:30pm, to be followed by the AFL or a movie depending on your state. More…

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Daily Picks: Friday 15th February

The Living Room (season premiere) – 8:30pm, Ch10 It’s interesting Channel Ten are showing this after American Idol and not before it, but hopefully this rates strongly regardless work. My big concern is next week when the show is scheduled to start at 9:30pm after a 2 hour Idol. The show has been revamped and…

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The Living Room returns to Ten

Amanda Keller and the team return for a new series of The Living Room. Joining Chris Brown, Miguel Maestre and Barry du Bois is new health expert Dr Andrew Rochford, gardener Lilly Van Epen and financial expert Jason Cunningham. This show is arguably more entertaining than Better Homes and Gardens, with the studio banter really…

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Daily Picks: Friday 8th February

The Doctor Blake Mysteries – 8:30pm, ABC1 This premiered rather nicely for Aunty last week and should continue to do the same throughout its 10 week run. Craig McLachlan stars as Dr Lucien Blake, who takes over his late father’s medical practice in 1950’s Ballarat. Dr Blake holds secrets and can solve mysteries, and it…

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