Daily Picks: Wednesday 3rd April


Mr and Mrs Murder – 8:30pm, Ch10 Has found a loyal, albeit modest, following for Channel Ten. When Cardwell Stable’s vet is murdered with an overdose of ketamine, Nicola and Charlie saddle up to investigate. They uncover a despicable secret and the field of suspects immediately narrows. Peter Phelps guest stars tonight. I for one…

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Daily Picks: Wednesday 20th March


Tractor Monkeys – 8:30pm, ABC1 I won’t mention the name of this show, because I have no idea what it’s meant to mean either. Host Merrick Watts and team captains Dave O’Neil and Monty Dimond are joined by some of Australia’s favourite comedians for an exciting interactive comedy game quiz show, that romps down memory…

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Daily Picks: Wednesday 6th March


Parade’s End (series premiere)- 8:30pm, Ch9 Channel Nine is launching with two episodes of this British drama, which in reality is just a carbon copy of Downton Abbey. Tonight’s description by Nine is decidedly generic: Moving from the glittering yet shallow world of London high society to the trench-scarred battlefields of France, this is the story of…

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(Belated) Daily Picks: Wednesday 20th February


**Sorry about this post being so late. I’ve been busy all day. It probably has no relevance now, but thought it was best to post it anyway. David Knox and Steve Molk must be shaking their heads in shame. It will never happen again, I promise!!!** Mr and Mrs Murder (series premiere) – 8:30pm, Ch10…

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